The Wish by Nicholas Sparks full audiobook

The Wish

Nicholas Sparks

First published 28 september 2021

The Wish is a novel by Nicholas Sparks, the bestselling author of The Notebook and Dear John. It tells the story of Maggie Dawes, a successful travel photographer who returns to her hometown of Ocracoke, North Carolina, after receiving a mysterious package from her late grandmother. The package contains a letter and a wish box, a wooden box that Maggie’s grandmother used to store her wishes. As Maggie opens the box, she discovers the wishes that her grandmother made throughout her life, and learns about her grandmother’s love story with a man named Bryce Trickett. The wishes also reveal secrets and truths about Maggie’s own past, and inspire her to make some wishes of her own.

The Wish is a romantic and nostalgic novel that explores the themes of family, fate, and forgiveness. Sparks uses his signature style of alternating between the past and the present, and weaving in historical details and local color. The novel is set in the picturesque island of Ocracoke, which Sparks describes with vivid imagery and affection. The novel also features some of Sparks’ trademark elements, such as letters, photographs, and star-crossed lovers. The novel is a heartwarming and emotional read that will appeal to fans of Sparks and romance lovers alike.

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