The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory full audiobook

The Wedding Date

Jasmine Guillory

First published 30 january 2018

The Wedding Date is a fun and flirty rom-com about two strangers, Alexa and Drew, who agree to be each other’s fake date for a wedding. The book is full of witty banter, steamy chemistry, and adorable moments. The book also tackles some serious issues, such as racism, sexism, and long-distance relationships. The book is a fast and enjoyable read, with likable and diverse characters. The book will make you swoon, smile, and root for Alexa and Drew.

The book starts with a cute and hilarious meet-cute, when Alexa and Drew get stuck in an elevator together. Alexa is a successful and smart lawyer, who works as the chief of staff for the mayor of Berkeley. Drew is a charming and handsome pediatric surgeon, who lives in Los Angeles. They hit it off right away, and Drew asks Alexa to be his plus-one for his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. Alexa agrees, thinking it will be a fun weekend. However, they soon realize that they have more in common than they thought, and that their fake relationship might turn into something real.

The book is a captivating and refreshing read, with a rich and vivid narration. The book captures the essence of each city, from the food, music, and culture, to the social and political issues. The book also portrays the complexity and depth of interracial and intercultural relationships, with its challenges, benefits, and joys. The book is full of memorable scenes and dialogues, that will make you feel like you are part of the story. The book also has a satisfying and realistic ending, that will leave you happy and hopeful.

The Wedding Date is a book that celebrates the power and beauty of love, and how it can overcome any obstacle. It is a book that will make you appreciate your own relationships, and the moments you share with them. It is a book that will make you want to read more from Jasmine Guillory.

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