The It Girl by Ruth Ware full audiobook

The It Girl

Ruth Ware

First published 12 july 2022

The It Girl is a gripping and twisty thriller that explores the dark secrets and lies of a group of friends who were once inseparable at Oxford University. The story follows Hannah, who is haunted by the murder of her best friend April, the campus “It Girl”, ten years ago. When a journalist contacts her with new evidence that the convicted killer may have been innocent, Hannah decides to investigate the truth and confront her past. Along the way, she discovers that everyone in her circle has something to hide, and that the real murderer may be closer than she thinks.

Ruth Ware delivers a captivating and suspenseful novel that keeps the reader guessing until the end. The It Girl is a well-written and atmospheric book that combines the elements of dark academia, psychological drama, and crime mystery. The characters are complex and realistic, each with their own flaws and motivations. The plot is fast-paced and full of surprises, with a satisfying and shocking conclusion. Fans of Ware’s previous books and of the genre will not be disappointed by this thrilling and addictive read.

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