The Accidental Tourist by Anne Tyler full audiobook

The Accidental Tourist

Anne Tyler

First published 9 april 2002

The Accidental Tourist is a witty and touching novel by Anne Tyler, who depicts the life of a travel writer who hates traveling. Macon Leary, the protagonist, is a man who likes order and routine, but his world is shattered when his son is killed in a shooting and his wife leaves him. He moves back to his childhood home with his quirky siblings, who share his aversion to change and novelty. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Muriel Pritchett, a dog trainer who helps him with his unruly canine, Edward. Muriel is everything that Macon is not: she is lively, talkative, colorful, and spontaneous. She also has a young son, Alexander, who suffers from asthma and needs constant care.

Macon finds himself drawn to Muriel and her son, despite his initial reluctance and resistance. He discovers a new side of himself, one that is more adventurous and compassionate. He also realizes that he still loves his wife, Sarah, who wants to reconcile with him. He faces a dilemma: should he go back to his old life with Sarah, or should he embrace his new life with Muriel?

Tyler writes with humor and insight, creating memorable characters and realistic situations. She explores the themes of grief, love, family, and identity, showing how people cope with loss and change in different ways. She also shows how people can find happiness and meaning in unexpected places and people. The Accidental Tourist is a novel that celebrates the power of human connection and the beauty of diversity. It is a novel that will make you laugh and cry, and appreciate the ordinary and extraordinary moments of life.

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