Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir full audiobook

Project Hail Mary

Andy Weir

First published 4 may 2021

Project Hail Mary is a thrilling and humorous sci-fi novel by Andy Weir, the author of the famous book The Martian. It tells the story of Ryland Grace, a elementary school teacher–turned–astronaut who has to save humanity from a phenomenon that is dimming the sun. Ryland wakes up in a spaceship with two dead crewmates and a fuzzy memory. He has to solve a difficult scientific puzzle and face an extinction-level threat for humanity. And as the clock is ticking and the nearest human is light-years away, he has to do it all alone. Or does he?

I really liked this novel because it had many surprising, tense and captivating twists. The main character is Ryland Grace, who has a humorous and self-deprecating voice. The story also had many funny, romantic and dramatic scenes, which made me unable to put it down. The world in the novel was built very impressively and creatively, with many details about the history and culture of different planets and factions. The author's writing style was charming and captivating, with a lot of humor and action.

I think this novel is a masterpiece by Weir, because it explores the themes of survival, friendship and humanity through the eyes of an astronaut. It is also a reflection of the modern era, as it captures the hopes and fears of a generation. I recommend you read this novel if you like sci-fi, mystery or comedy.

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