Once There Were Wolves by Charlotte McConaghy full audiobook

Once There Were Wolves

Charlotte McConaghy

First published 3 august 2021

Once There Were Wolves is a novel by Charlotte McConaghy that tells the story of Inti Flynn, a biologist who is tasked with reintroducing wolves to the Scottish Highlands. Inti hopes that the wolves will help restore the balance of nature and prevent the extinction of other species. However, she faces resistance and hostility from the local people, who fear and hate the wolves. Inti also has a secret: she has mirror-touch synesthesia, a condition that makes her feel the sensations of others. As Inti tries to protect the wolves from harm, she also finds herself drawn to the local police chief, Duncan MacTavish.

Once There Were Wolves is a powerful, haunting, and beautiful read that will move you deeply. The author creates a stunning and immersive world, where nature and humanity are in conflict, and where secrets and violence lurk beneath the surface. The plot is gripping and suspenseful, full of mystery, drama, romance, and emotion. The characters are complex and compelling, with their own traumas and passions. The relationship between Inti and Duncan is intense and passionate, full of trust and conflict. The book also explores themes such as ecology, conservation, abuse, justice, and healing.

If you are looking for a book that will transport you to a mesmerizing and dangerous world, where you will care deeply about the fate of the wolves and the people, then Once There Were Wolves is the book for you. It is a remarkable and unforgettable read that will touch your soul. I highly recommend this book to fans of literary fiction, thriller, and romance.

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