Neon Gods by Katee Robert full audiobook

Neon Gods

Katee Robert

First published 1 june 2021

Neon Gods is a modern and steamy retelling of the classic myth of Hades and Persephone, set in a futuristic city of Olympus where the Thirteen Houses rule with power and intrigue. Persephone Dimitriou is the daughter of Demeter, the head of the House of the Earth, and a society darling who is expected to marry Zeus, the ruthless leader of the House of the Heavens. But Persephone has other plans: she wants to escape Olympus and start a new life away from the politics and scandals of the Thirteen Houses.

However, her mother has other plans for her and ambushes her with an engagement to Zeus, who has a reputation for being cruel and abusive to his partners. Persephone decides to flee from the upper city of Olympus and crosses the River Styx to the lower city, where Hades, the head of the House of the Underworld, reigns. Hades is a mysterious and charismatic figure who has a tense relationship with Zeus and the other Houses. He offers Persephone a deal: he will protect her from Zeus and help her escape Olympus, if she agrees to be his lover for three months.

Persephone accepts his offer, hoping to buy some time until she can find a way out. But she soon discovers that Hades is not the cold and heartless god that everyone thinks he is. He is gentle and caring with her, and shows her a side of himself that he hides from the world. He also introduces her to his world of pleasure and passion, where nothing is off-limits and everything is possible. Persephone finds herself falling for him, but she also knows that their relationship has an expiration date. Can they find a way to stay together, or will they have to part ways when their deal is over?

Neon Gods is a captivating and sensual romance that will keep you hooked from start to finish. The author does a great job of creating a vivid and immersive world of Olympus, where technology and mythology blend together. The characters are well-developed and complex, with their own motivations and secrets. The chemistry between Hades and Persephone is electric and explosive, and their scenes are hot and steamy. The book also explores themes such as consent, trust, freedom, and love.

If you are looking for a sexy and thrilling romance with a twist of mythology, then Neon Gods is the book for you. It is the first book in the Dark Olympus series by Katee Robert, which follows different couples from Greek mythology in a modern setting. The next book in the series is Electric Idol, which features Eros and Psyche1. I highly recommend this book to fans of romance, mythology, and fantasy.

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