Firekeeper's Daughter by Angeline Boulley full audiobook

Firekeeper's Daughter

Angeline Boulley

First published 16 march 2021

"Firekeeper's Daughter" is a young adult novel written by Angeline Boulley. The book follows the story of Firekeeper, a biracial Native American girl, and her journey to uncover the truth behind a murder and rise as a hero.

One of the notable aspects of the book is the creation of a strong and likable protagonist. Firekeeper is a multidimensional character with development and complex interactions with the world around her. She carries a sense of pride in her Native American heritage and must confront challenges and conflicts regarding her identity.

The book also addresses important social and cultural impacts. The author skillfully portrays the life and culture of Native American people while tackling issues such as violence, substance abuse, and life outside the law. The book carries a message of acceptance and unity in a diverse society.

Furthermore, "Firekeeper's Daughter" is an engaging and thrilling story. The combination of mystery elements and the journey to uncover the truth creates an enticing and dramatic plot. The side stories and relationships in the book are also developed with finesse, contributing to the richness and understanding of the main story.

Overall, "Firekeeper's Daughter" is a worthwhile read for young adults. With its compelling protagonist, important social messages, and an engaging story, it provides a memorable and enjoyable reading experience.

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