Beautiful world, where are you by Sally Rooney full audiobook

Beautiful world, where are you

Sally Rooney

First published 17 september 2021

Beautiful World, Where Are You is the third novel by Sally Rooney, a popular and acclaimed Irish writer. It tells the story of four young adults: Alice, a successful novelist who suffers from a mental breakdown; Felix, a warehouse worker who becomes Alice’s lover; Eileen, Alice’s best friend and a literary editor; and Simon, Eileen’s childhood friend and a political aide. The novel explores their relationships, their struggles, and their search for meaning in a chaotic and uncertain world.

I found this novel to be engaging, realistic, and insightful. The characters were complex and relatable, and their dialogues were witty and sharp. The novel also addressed some important issues, such as the impact of social media, the role of art and literature, the crisis of capitalism, and the environmental challenges. The novel alternated between the perspectives of Alice and Eileen, and their emails to each other, which added depth and variety to the narrative.

I think this novel is a worthy addition to Rooney’s oeuvre, as it shows her growth and maturity as a writer. It is also a reflection of the contemporary zeitgeist, as it captures the hopes and fears of a generation. I recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys literary fiction, romance, or social commentary.

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